Picture Appreciation

Wang DaoZhong Fine Brushwork Peony

Mr. Wang DaoZhong graduated from Central Fine Arts Institute in 1954 in China. He was student of two Grandmaster of Flowers and Birds Painting, Mr. Yu Feian, Mr. Tian Shiguang. He takes up painting style of meticulosity, reality, bright, auspicious from NorthernSong Dynasty. He is successor of Flowers and Birds Painting in northern China.
Picture Appreciation

Zheng Zengke FineBrushwork Lady

Mr. Zheng Zengke wos born in 1957 in Ningjin, Hebei. He was drawn to Chinese painting from his earliest years. He was student of Prof. Wang Maigan in Tianjing Fine Arts Institute and Prof. Huang Jun in Central Fine Arts Institute. He was guided by Mr. Wang Xuetao, Tian Shiguang, Yu Zhizhen. He specializes in figures, flowers, and birds.
Picture Appreciation

Zheng Naiguang Flowers Painting Collection

Mr. Zheng Naiguang was born in Fuzhou, Fujian. He was effected by his family and loved arts of painting. When he was younger, he was guided by Mr. Ye Hanhou. Then he was student of Grandmaster, Mr. Liu Haisu. He was professor in Taiwan Pingdong Teacher's College. He had his painting exhibition in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places in South East Asia before 1949. He returned from abroad in 1949. He was a professional painter in North-West Sub-Artists' Association of China Artists' Association. Then he taught in Xi'An Fine Arts Institute.


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