[ qthread.com ] Brief Introduction of qthread.com

1. Brief of Website

[ qthread.com ] Quen-An Embroidery Thread Industrial Website - (English) www.qthread.com, (Chinese) cn.qthread.com - has been established on Aug 3, 2007. It is a professional website introducing the company's products information, providing knowledge of embroidery thread, supplying industrial and the company's news. The website serves embroidery industry, embroidery thread's business partner.

Our aim is to serve embroidery industry, concern partner's requirement.

2. Content of Website

The website consists of Products, Color Catalog, Packing, Test Report, Company, Equipments, Cooperation, Knowledge of Embroidery Thread, Industrial and Company News, etc. We make every effort to introduce products' information, knowledge of embroidery thread completely.

3. Technique of Website

The website uses structure of DIV+CSS to design. It meets standard of W3C Web2.0. The independent Linux system host and 10M bandwidth to ensure viewer can visit the website in high speed and well security.

We separated English Site and Chinese Site in different places so that different viewers from China and abroad can visit the website effectively. English host is set in Califonia, USA. And Chinese host is set in Shanghai, China.

4. Website History

        Aug 3, 2007, Chinese Site 1st edition.
        Aug 3, 2007, English Site 1st edition.
        Jun 21, 2008, Chinese Site 2nd edition.
        Jul 28, 2008, English Site 2nd edition.
Picture Appreciation

Picture Appreciation

We provide some fine pictures for your appreciation and download. These pictures can be used for embroidery pattern design and stitching.