Polyester Embroidery Thread

Polyester Embroidery Thread / Yarn

BLUE BUTTERFLY®polyester embroidery thread / yarn is made of high quality polyester long-fibre. It is lustrous, high tensile strength, excellent color-fastness, silky. Its excellent strength virtually eliminates thread breaks. Colors stay vibrant and luxurious even after repeated washings. The regular size is 108D/2(120D/2). Other sizes such as 75D/2, 150D/2, 300D/2 can be made to order.
Polyester Floss

Polyester Hank Yarn

We can supply various colored polyester hank yarn, the sizes are 75D/2, 108D/2(120D/2), 150D/2, 300D/2. Other sizes can be made to order.
Embroidery Metallic Thread

Embroidery Metallic Yarn

Embroidery metallic yarn are ideal for machine embroidery, festoon work, ornamental seams, and many other decorative applications on high speed embroidery machines or sewing machines.
Picture Appreciation

Picture Appreciation

We prepared some fine pictures for your appreciation and download. These pictures can be used for embroidery pattern design and stitching.