National Development and Reform Commission Approved Polyester Embroidery Thread and Others Total 139 Industry Standard 02 Jun, 2008 Origin: Website of National Development and Reform Commission

Bellow is No. 77, 2007 Proclamation from National Development and Reform Commission.

No. 77, 2007Polyester Embroidery Thread Standard

National Development and Reform Commission has approved 139 industrial standards including Polyester Embroidery Thread. They are 12 textile industrial standards, 15 petro-chemical industrial standards, 70 nonferrous metals industrial standards, 12 phamacy and equipments industrial standards, 30 automobile industrial standards. Approved Copper Concentrate YS/T 318-2007, Modification List of nonferrous metals Standards. They are hereby promulgated and effective as of date published in Modification List.

Above mentioned textil standards have been appointed to Textile Industry Press to publish, petro-chemical standards appointed to Chine Standard Press to publish, nonferrous standards appointed to China Standard Press to publish, phamacy and equipments standards and automobile standards appointed to China Planning Press to publish.

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Picture Appreciation

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