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In order to get thread with certain strength, elasticity, luster, smoothness etc physical property, fibre has to be twisted. To twist fibre's structure, actually fibre's cross-section gets relative angle movement so that original parallel fibres changes into twisted structure, then two plies fibre are twisted into thread.

(1) Definition of TWIST: Fibre turns 360 degree around thread's axis, we call it is a twist.Embroidry Thread Twist

(2) Definition of TWIST PER UNIT: Number of twist in a certain length of thread. The length should be measured before twisting. Normally, it should be twists per inch, i.e. T.P.I, or twists per meter, i.e. T.P.M.

(3) Definition of TWIST DERECTION: Put thread along WITH vertical line, fibre that twisted into thread will turn into a shape of helix. The direction of the helix is called TWIST DERECTION.

(4) Definition of S-TWIST: The direction of fibre in thread is the same as middle of S. It is called S-TWIST thread. It is called RIGHT-HAND or CLOCKWISE TWIST thread too.

(5) Definition of Z-TWISTZ: The direction of fibre in thread is the same as middle of Z. It is called Z-TWIST thread. It is called LEFT-HAND or ANTICLOCKWISE TWIST thread.

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