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Embroidery ThreadSize of embroidery thread is defined in thickness and ply. I.e. the size of polyester embroidery thread is 108D/2, 108D means thickness and 2 means plies.

The thickness of embroidery thread is represented by Denier.

D, - Denier -, means grams of 9000 meters' fibre. Formula is shown as bellow.
            g - Weight of fibre, grams
            L - Length of fibre, meter.
D bigger, thread thicker, vice versa, D smaller and thread thinner.

Commonly used sizes of embroidery thread are 150D/2,120D/2,108D/2,75D/2 etc. But most commonly used sizes are 120D/2 for rayon embroidery thread and 108D/2 for polyester embroidery thread.

Take the size of polyester embroidery thread, - 108D/2 -, as example, 108D means size of the thread's material is 108D, i.e. weight of 9000 meter's single ply fibre is 108 gram, and 2 means the thread is twisted in two plies of fibre.

Picture Appreciation

Picture Appreciation

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