Our Advantage

1. Registered Brand

BLUE BUTTERFLY® is the trade mark registered in China. BLUE BUTTERFLY® Embroidery Thread is a well recognize brand for its wide color range of selectivity, brightly color, sufficient stock, reasonable price and comprehensive services. Furthermore, we use traditional media and internet to promote the products and brand in local and overseas market.
Traditional Media Promotion - We delivery products' information by means of radio, TV, news paper, post station.
Internet Promotion -
        a. We have our own website - www.qthread.com. In order to visit website easiy in both local and overseas, we set Chinese and English hosts in different places. Chinese host is set in Shanghai, China. And English host is set in California, USA. For visitor easily remember name of website, we use mormal practice to name website, i. e. www.qthread.com is English website name and cn.qthread.com is Chinese website name.
        b. Promotion in lacal and international famous website. We are membership of B2B website such as Alibaba, EC21, Tradekey, etc. We also connect to search engines, they are Google, Yahoo, Baidu, MSN so that customer can easily find and read informations regarding the company and products.

2. Market

In recent years, market requirement of polyester embroidery thread has been rising rapidly. Textile products such as cap, shoes, jeans, crafts start to use polyester embroidery thread to replace rayon embroidery thread because of polyester's hige tensile strenth and lower price. And the products of garment, undercloths, home textiles turn to use polyester embroidery thread. The main reason is polyester embroidery thread's lower price, good color fastness, improved technique.
It can be predicted that requirement of polyester embroidery thread will be biger and biger as domestic and international market continues changing. The prospect of polyester embroidery thread market is wide. However, the products with wide range color selectivity, high quality, sufficient stock will share quite existing market.

3. Green Protection

Considering international progressively green and environmental protection requirement, when sourcing raw material, we ensure to use those material with high level environmental protection to ensure customer can use without worry. We appointed several international well recognized test agency to test our products to meet different area's different requirement of environmental protection.

Picture Appreciation

Picture Appreciation

We prepared some fine pictures for your appreciation and download. These pictures can be used for embroidery pattern design and stitching.